Lenovo T410i fan error

Author: Ivan Tichý | Last change: 2016-09-07 18:22:29

How to fix problem with „Fan error“ and overheating

I had a problem with my old Lenovo T410i. The problem was that the fan sometimes did not start. Recently I got some „Fan Error“ problem from Bios when laptop tried to start. This was a occasional problem (sometimes just disappeared). Quick diagnostic was that the driver on the motherboard is faulty – giving low voltage even when the fan was supposed to run at full speed (tried with TPFanControl program – Google it). I connected the fan to 5V from USB. Result was that the fan was running at full speed all the time. Even with the laptop powered off when connected to charger… ehn, not a good solution :) It seemed that the speed of the fan was not constant (even when connected to stable 5V). So I decided to buy a new fan. Result? Still the same problem… So the problem is the driver. Basically there is nothing to fix. Small chip with unknow name/ID, no dried capacitor around, so.. It was just creation sound like the driver (PWM) is oscillating at some frequency. I just tried to add a capacitor with 10uF/35V parallel with the fan. Result? It is working. It is a ugly workaround but who would spend hours with fixing an old laptop.

See the picture – you can fix it if you have similar problem.

le capacitor


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