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Author: Ivan Tichý | Last change: 2014-02-12 19:59:06

Emailové komunikace s domácím.

Ano, je to ten stejný jako s prodlužkou a žárovkami.

Diskuze ohledně hlučnosti v místnosti, ve které bydlím (vchodové dveře, vaření v kuchyni, která je vedle – ve 2 ráno apod.) Je třeba číst odspodu nahoru:

Go for it =)

2014-02-08 23:14 GMT+01:00 Ing. Ivan Tichý <>:
OK, I will ask lawyer.

Best Regards/Med Vänlig Hälsning/S přátelským pozdravem
Ing. Ivan Tichý

2014-02-08 23:13 GMT+01:00 Ted Ekeroth <>:

There is nothing wrong with the room, no water leaks or other issue. The room is as it was when you moved in, no changes has been made. If you have a problem with a tenant making noise, you talk to them. If you dont want to talk to them, thats your problem.

You can't cancel the contract before three months, its as simple as that (read the contract). And I have a great lawyer, might I add.

I take it as you are indeed cancelling the contract? In such case, I am informing you that the move-out date is 11.00 on June 1st, according to the contract. I will inform you about the details for moving out, when the date approaches.

/ ted

2014-02-08 23:09 GMT+01:00 Ing. Ivan Tichý <>:
You are renting a room in which there is noise over night. So I see it that you are renting a room with low quality of living (we can have a look into Swedish law) so I see you are breaking the contract.

I asked you to find other solution. There is none.

Due to this I would like to cancel the contract immediately.

Best Regards/Med Vänlig Hälsning/S přátelským pozdravem
Ing. Ivan Tichý

2014-02-08 22:48 GMT+01:00 Ted Ekeroth <>:

If you are cancelling the contract, then you must say so clearly. There is a 3 months notice, which means that your move-out date is at 11.00 on June 1st, according to the contract.
If you wish to cancel the contract, then please state this in an email clearly.

And I have no idea what you are on about regarding "adequate rent part back"...

2014-02-08 22:45 GMT+01:00 Ing. Ivan Tichý <>:
Do you have any other solution?

If no I am going to find other accommodation and I will move to other flat/house. I would like to ask you to give me adequate rent part back.

Best Regards/Med Vänlig Hälsning/S přátelským pozdravem
Ing. Ivan Tichý

2014-02-08 22:30 GMT+01:00 Ted Ekeroth <>:

I suggest? What does that mean?

2014-02-08 22:30 GMT+01:00 Ing. Ivan Tichý <>:
Quality service (room rental). So I suggest to cancel it as soon as possible.

Best Regards/Med Vänlig Hälsning/S přátelským pozdravem
Ing. Ivan Tichý

2014-02-08 22:25 GMT+01:00 Ted Ekeroth <>:

Eh... Im not your custodian, parent or shrink. If you have an issue with someone, you talk to them. Thats not my job.

2014-02-08 22:23 GMT+01:00 Ing. Ivan Tichý <>:
Please. There is a difference between Badminton and renting a room for money.

Best Regards/Med Vänlig Hälsning/S přátelským pozdravem
Ing. Ivan Tichý

2014-02-08 22:18 GMT+01:00 Ted Ekeroth <>:

If you have a problem with someone cooking, I suggest you talk to the person in question. Im not your mother.

2014-02-08 22:17 GMT+01:00 Ing. Ivan Tichý <>:
Because you are the responsible person for this house and I have a contract with you. I pay you the rent.

Best Regards/Med Vänlig Hälsning/S přátelským pozdravem
Ing. Ivan Tichý

2014-02-08 22:11 GMT+01:00 Ted Ekeroth <>:

Why are u asking me?

2014-02-08 22:10 GMT+01:00 Ing. Ivan Tichý <>:
OK, so how will we sort out the noise problem? E.g. cooking at 2am ?

Best Regards/Med Vänlig Hälsning/S přátelským pozdravem
Ing. Ivan Tichý

2014-02-08 22:09 GMT+01:00 Ted Ekeroth <>:

Nothing available on the second.

Wifi: wolfgang123

2014-02-08 22:07 GMT+01:00 Ing. Ivan Tichý <>:
And on the 2nd? And the WiFi?

Best Regards/Med Vänlig Hälsning/S přátelským pozdravem
Ing. Ivan Tichý

2014-02-08 21:58 GMT+01:00 Ted Ekeroth <>:

No, there are no rooms for rent on the third floor as it stands now.

2014-02-08 21:53 GMT+01:00 Ing. Ivan Tichý <>:

Best Regards/Med Vänlig Hälsning/S přátelským pozdravem
Ing. Ivan Tichý

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ing. Ivan Tichý <>
Date: 2014-02-08 21:12 GMT+01:00
Subject: Room change
To: Ted Ekeroth <>

Hi Ted,

Due to noise level on the 1st floor room I would like to change the room as we discussed it. Is there any room free on the 3rd floor?

Second thing - WiFi seem to be changed by password. Can you give me the new one, please? Or is there any issue with this?



Best Regards/Med Vänlig Hälsning/S přátelským pozdravem
Ing. Ivan Tichý

Predcházející dohoda o badmintonu:
Byli jsme domluveni na večer a bohužel to Ted zrušil těsně před. Byl s tím trochu problém v rámci rezervace (dostal jsem za to vyhubováno, že to ruším těsně před). Rezervoval jsem to na následující den na základě Tedova možná a čekal, co se stane. Nakonec jsem to zrušil, protože jsem od něj nedostal žádné potvrzení. Stejně jako on, po Skypu. On si to nepřečet a šel tam. Toto je výsledek.

[28.1.2014 19:00:37] Ted: Not sure I can make it
[28.1.2014 19:00:42] Ted: Still at the meeting
[28.1.2014 19:01:15] Ted: That was delayed
[28.1.2014 19:01:28] Ted: Can u push it to 21?
[28.1.2014 19:01:39] Ted: Phone will die in a few minutes too
[28.1.2014 19:12:45] Ted: Push to 21?
[28.1.2014 19:13:14] Ted: I won't make it to 20 as my meeting in helsingborg was delayed unfortunately
[28.1.2014 19:20:29] Ivan Tichy: lets cancel it
[28.1.2014 19:20:36] Ivan Tichy: I am dead I have to go to bed early
[28.1.2014 19:20:46] Ivan Tichy: I will call there. We can move it to Thu.
[28.1.2014 19:20:58] Ted: The won't work
[28.1.2014 19:21:04] Ted: Busy all evenibg
[28.1.2014 19:21:08] Ivan Tichy: morning ?
[28.1.2014 19:21:10] Ivan Tichy: 7am?
[28.1.2014 19:21:14] Ivan Tichy: 7:30am
[28.1.2014 19:21:18] Ted: Haha
[28.1.2014 19:21:19] Ted: No
[28.1.2014 19:21:27] Ivan Tichy: lazy ba... :)
[28.1.2014 19:21:43] Ted: Tomorrow at 12 maybe
[28.1.2014 19:21:51] Ivan Tichy: like over lunch ?
[28.1.2014 19:24:33] Ivan Tichy: ...
[28.1.2014 19:27:21] Ivan Tichy: ok, going to cancel that
[28.1.2014 19:38:53] Ivan Tichy: Canceled and we have a reservation -  court 5, tommorow, at 12am. Next tell it in an advance!
[28.1.2014 19:39:16] Ivan Tichy: It is stupid to call there 30 minutes befare reservation.
[28.1.2014 21:34:35] Ted: i told u when I knew
[28.1.2014 21:35:11] Ivan Tichy: Manage your time !
[28.1.2014 21:36:53] Ted: I am
[28.1.2014 21:36:58] Ted: and Im telling u when I know
[28.1.2014 21:37:00] Ted: not sooner
[28.1.2014 21:37:01] Ted: not later
[28.1.2014 21:37:26] Ivan Tichy: Tell it to the guy at sport center, not me :)
[28.1.2014 21:37:41] Ted: Im telling u
[28.1.2014 21:37:42] Ted: as u asked =)
[28.1.2014 21:37:45] Ted: or brought it up
[28.1.2014 21:37:46] Ted: =)
[28.1.2014 21:39:11] Ivan Tichy: omg

[29.1.2014 10:52:51] Ivan Tichy: OK, going to cancel today's play. I have no answer from you
[29.1.2014 12:16:24] Ted: No answer?
[29.1.2014 12:16:29] Ted: What are u on about?
[29.1.2014 12:16:36] Ted: I just came back from the badminton court
[29.1.2014 12:16:41] Ted: Waited for you for about 15 minutes
[29.1.2014 12:17:30] Ted: and didnt answer your phone either
[29.1.2014 12:27:21] Ted: Ivan - you booked the court as to our agreement above. FOr no reason what so ever, you tell me on Skype that you cancelled it, and your excuse is "no answer from you"? What answer? There was nothing to answer - we had badminton at 12.00 and there was nothing more too it than to actually show up.
[29.1.2014 12:33:16] Ivan Tichy: Eh, I am at work, I had a meeting, that is why I did not have the phone. Yesterday you did not confirm anything about today even when I asked. You just said something you might have time. So I booked it hoping you will say something like yes, for sure. No further response about it till now. I told you that I cannot cancel it 30 min before planned time. So as far with no confirmation I gave you the message I cancelled it because last time I had a hard time to explain it to them.
[29.1.2014 12:37:14] Ted: I wasnt on skype
[29.1.2014 12:37:23] Ted: its not like i have skype operated into my skull
[29.1.2014 12:37:28] Ted: U booked it, and that was it.
[29.1.2014 12:37:36] Ted: U didnt ask for a confirmaton (check the logs)
[29.1.2014 12:37:40] Ted: u just said that u booked it
[29.1.2014 12:37:45] Ted: so that was that... all set.
[29.1.2014 12:37:52] Ted: If you wasnt sure, then you should have asked me excplitily
[29.1.2014 12:37:54] Ted: like yesterday
[29.1.2014 12:37:59] Ted: when I saw u in the kitchen
[29.1.2014 12:38:04] Ted: but u didnt
[29.1.2014 12:38:21] Ivan Tichy: Please stop. This make no sense. I read the log. Have I nice day. :)
[29.1.2014 12:38:26] Ted: by ebye
[29.1.2014 12:40:00] Ted: I makes sense, u just pretend it doesnt
[29.1.2014 12:40:02] Ted: *gone*
[29.1.2014 12:42:04] Ivan Tichy: Relax, worse things can happen. I understand you are pissed of cuz you were waiting there. At the same time I am not your mother to manage you :)
[29.1.2014 12:42:33] Ted: Well, not your mother indeed. But then again, you cancelled without ttelling me
[29.1.2014 12:42:37] Ted: that has nothing to do with "mother"
[29.1.2014 12:42:43] Ted: so, your argyment is pretty lame
[29.1.2014 12:42:50] Ted: Its not the thing that you forgot
[29.1.2014 12:42:54] Ted: thats not the problek
[29.1.2014 12:42:56] Ted: prlb,em
[29.1.2014 12:43:00] Ted: the problem is your attitude
[29.1.2014 12:43:01] Ted: thats all
[29.1.2014 12:47:38] Ivan Tichy: eh, you cancelled it yesterday overe skype 30mins before. I "cancel" it today overe skype 1 hour before. I do not see any problem. Sorry if you see it differently. Makes no sense to argue.
[29.1.2014 12:47:53] Ted: Indeed
[29.1.2014 12:48:09] Ted: If you dont want to argue
[29.1.2014 12:48:11] Ted: then dnt
[29.1.2014 12:48:16] Ted: but if you do, except answers from me
[29.1.2014 12:48:19] Ted: mmkay?
[29.1.2014 12:48:32] Ivan Tichy: :)
[29.1.2014 12:48:39] Ted: expect replies*
[29.1.2014 12:48:48] Ivan Tichy: Southpark ?
[29.1.2014 12:48:50] Ivan Tichy: mmkay?


Míša (ona) on 2014-02-10 10:40:27 wrote:

Wow. Tak na tohle bych asi neměla nervy.Přesně takovéhle domluvy „miluju“. Jsem zvědavá,jak to dopadne s tím bydlením. Držím palce.

E. on 2014-02-10 17:05:40 wrote:

No jako je to ocividne nejakej neschopnej chudacek, kterej neni uplne bystrej, badminton radsi nekomentuju, ale rekla bych, ze co se tyce bydleni, tak v jedny veci ma pravdu – kdyz nekdo dela bordel ve 2 v noci v kuchyni, tak si myslim, ze beznej postup je promluvit si primo s tim dotycnym a teprve kdyz to nepomuze, tak to resit s pronajimatelem. Mozna to nebude zas tak velkej problem, lidi jsou ruzny a nekomu proste nedojde, ze varit si uprostred noci, kdyz ma vedle nekdo pokoj neni uplne dobrej napad :) Kazdopadne taky drzim palce.

Ivan on 2014-02-10 17:53:41 wrote:

Hm, určitě se to dá řešit i ve 2 ráno, ale já se spíš raději překulím na bok a spím, než abych lezl ven a někomu něco vysvětluju. Navíc si myslím, že ten, kdo vařil, byl právě Ted.

Je to o nastavení pravidel v domě. Já okolí nebudu ze své vlastní vůle omezovat jen proto, že je tu špatná hluková izolace.

Je tu nějaký zaběhnutý režim a lidé jsou nějací, nemá podle mě smysl přijít a začít to měnit (== podle mě by to nešlo).

Cílem bylo ne se domlouvat s podnájemníky, ale z baráku vypadnout, když se nedá přesunout do jiné místnosti.

Spolubydlícím jsem přesto napsal slušný email s vysvětlením situace. Tak uvidím, jaký to bude mít efekt a na jak dlouho.

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